P R O J E C T   S T A T E M E N T
Design for the year 2035 with a research phase carried out by multidisciplinary teams. Research social, economic, and technology trends in order to craft + comprehend different future scenarios of the American urban landscape that serve as a departure point for the final deliverable of their choice. The deliverable will be defined by the problems found in the trend research and carried out as a product, experience, or mode of transportation to meet this need.
W H A T  I S  G O O G L E  X ?
GoogleX is designed for the children of GenZ. With growing technology, analog activities such as reading have lost their interest and are "too much work for too little reward." Why read a book when you can get the same story from a movie? This AR/VR set of glasses will transform your world into the book you are reading. This is not a movie playing in front of you as you read. The environment you're reading about becomes immersive. Imagine reading a Harry Potter novel and sitting in the Hogwarts Castle. GoogleX allows parents to join in and read to their kids with 
Industrial design: Adrian Degner // Research, video work, and animation: Hannah Dickens
Phase 01: Research
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Phase 02: Design
The design of this product includes three main functions: audio + light sensory features, projectors, and sensors.
A U D I O + L I G H T :
Bone conduction technology + LED lights allow the user to be fully immersed in the world using sound and light. Using peripheral vision, the lights trigger the user to look to one side of the room as the sound goes off.
P r o j e c t o r s :
The key component of augmented reality. Projectors within the glasses create an experience for the one wearing them only. The environment looks completely ordinary to those watching from the outside.
s e n s o r s :
The sensors are present for two main reasons. The first is that they sense the environment around the user and place the graphics around that. They also are used to scan the chosen story and connect to a database to pull up the immersive illustration in your environment.
Phase 03: Video Ad
The following is an ad.
This video is meant to excite the consumer and convince them to experience this product. It is a combination of reality and virtual reality using tactics commonly used by Google today in their ads including: fun music, dramatic product shots, and examples of experience
A n i m a t i c :
F i n a l  A d :
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