factory 55
brand identity
Factory 55: Where the magic of yesterday meets the technology of tomorrow.
The Aloha Ears Design brand has come a long way since their opening in 2017. The quality and detail in their prints has been elevated and they needed a brand to reflect that. Below is the product of a visual strategy workshop and the design exploration that followed!
the logo
Interchangeable ears deserve an interchangeable logo. The changing 55 icons symbolize the ability to interchange, mix, and match the ears you order from Factory 55. We are always innovating, changing, and refining our process. The 55s do the same. 
The numeric spread below is used primarily for the Factory 55 hero pattern, however, a select nine (dark green) may be used digitally as a changing GIF for digital application. These fonts, aside from the custom type, should be also be used when possible for other themed marketing materials such as instagram or featured web banners.

check out some more work!

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