fantasy feelings
brand identity proposals
Fantasy Feelings is a streetwear company that creates merchandise inspired by entertainment franchises. 
We explored three strategic concepts and over five different design directions for the brand, none of which were fully executed due to the project being terminated halfway through. However, the work still deserves to be shared. Below you can view three of the five design proposals for the new brand and behind the scenes images into my process. Some more exploration can be seen in the brand squares above.
*I am not responsible for any design that has been released on the client's social media channel, before or after this project's termination.*
Concept 1
"Grain Changers"
Fantasy Feelings designs are pulled from the nostalgia we all have from old stories but presented in a new and modern way. The blackletter font paired with the modern san serif create a bold brand anyone would notice.
Concept 2
"A Tale of Two Sisters"
Taylor & Tanner, the owners of Fantasy Feelings, could not be more different. The main goal with this design direction was to explore the duality of the two and how they could come together.

Concept 3
"Magic Setters"
Fantasy Feelings loves to keep it fresh, always ahead of the game. This concept was developed to get people's attention. The bright colors paired with the delicate font create a combo you can't resist.

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